Ice-skate Bubble Party

Senkwa once again presents another great happy moment event dubbed  ICE-SKATE BUBBLE PARTY.

Dreaming of snowy childhood and adult hang out with bubble ? 

Senkwa Ice-skate bubble party is a great time to walk, ski, play, network and have fun with friends. It is a social event at which kids and adults dance to great music across the globe on a dance floor covered in several feet of bubbles dispensed from Machine.

Book now for a cool discount or get to our competition and win for your self free tickets. Terms & Conditions Apply     

Also take a look at our awesome skating sessions. All the sessions on offer are listed below, alternatively, tell us when you are visiting and we’ll tell you exactly what’s on. You can also download the ice skating timetable for details. 


ICE SKATE-Recovered-Recovered