• Oversee the day-to-day operation and running of the business.
  • Oversees cosmetology-related services.
  • Perform services like cutting, colouring and styling hair if you have credentials.
  • Present weekly reports to management, with information such as revenue, budget needs, staffing changes, clientele satisfaction, inventory issues and salon upkeep.
  • Ensure Client Satisfaction.
  • Manage Salon Upkeep, Ensures that the salon is clean, organized and well-staffed..
  • Manage Staff Hiring and Supervision.
  • Produce workable Policies.
  • Inventory Management.


  • Take a face and body picture and send a YouTube link video where you describe yourself.
  • How would you go about employing staff for a salon/spa?
  • How would you market services and products provided by the salon/spa towards increasing sales, by using modern methods?
  • How would you influence potential clients within your business catchment area? How would you retain them and maximize sales per retained client over a period of 3 months. Please list not less than 5 innovative methods of achieving the above?
  • How would you achieve an initial target of Ghc10,000 clear profit in month 3 of your management tenure? Please account for all running costs of salon and show how profit will be calculated?
  • How would you motivate your employees to achieve the highest level of customer service, not only in conversations with clients, but also in terms of actual work environment and services provided?
  • What is brand image and how would you enhance our brand image across all platforms and aspects of our business?
  • List the major equipment necessary for setting up a hair salon and email a comprehensive list of all items/consumables for a salon that can service the following clients all at once. 4 ladies styling their hair, 3 men cutting their hair, 1 lady doing her nails, 1 lady/man doing a pedicure, 1 lady doing makeup and 1 person having a massage.
  • List a minimum of 10 revenue streams you would have in place for the salon, with at least 2 of them involving


  • Team leadership – hair salon managers should have excellent leadership skills and be able to effectively coordinate staff activities and schedules to deliver excellent client service.
  • Time management – this role requires a high level of organization to determine employee schedules, manage appointments, and ensure that necessary supplies are available to staff members.
  • Industry knowledge/ experience – hair salon managers should also be very familiar with the beauty industry and remain informed about beauty and haircare trends, products, services, and best practices.
  • Financial oversight – budgeting is central to this role, so hair salon managers should be financially savvy and able to assess labour and supply costs, cash flow, and revenue to keep the salon financially stable.
  • Relationship management – hair salon managers also need to build the salon’s client base, which requires excellent marketing, client service, and relationship management skills.
  • Communication skills – written and verbal communication are also important in this role, as hair salon managers may need to develop employee handbooks and interact with both employees and clients.

SALARY: 700GHC starting. Initial 6 months of hitting and achieving targets, salary increase to 800GHC per month. Includes discounts on items purchased on