Senkwa Introduce The Smart interactive White Board



Smart Boards (or SMART Boards) are interactive boards which come with software that allows presenting interactive class lectures with touchscreen support.The SMART Board is a touch screen, which allows you to manipulate anything on the screen using your fingers. It is similar to how you would use a tablet or iPad. Special pens are included in a SMART Board to make writing in different colors quick and easy.

SMART Boards In Child Care Education
SMART boards promote interaction between children. Children can work together anywhere on the smart board without being limited to only one area. Each child can perform different actions at the same time. For example, one child can move objects around while the other writes or draws. Children can create pictures together which is exciting for preschoolers. Through this interaction, children have the opportunity to see, hear, and touch which helps with learning and problem solving.

SMART Boards For Presentation 

You can present your content, including PowerPoint slides with on-screen annotations and write or erase content from the board using your hands, pen and various objects. As mentioned earlier, you can also use PowerPoint with Smart Boards. You can open a PowerPoint file, highlight key points using the pen tray and make use of the touchscreen to touch and present slides interactively. Moreover, you can also insert notes and images to your slides on the fly.


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