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What Is Senkwa?

Senkwa was set up with the sole purpose of catering to the needs of the tourism and hospitality industry. From the inception stage of ideas, to the final execution/hand over of projects and even management of projects, we have shown our ability as an industry leader.


We have noticed that a lot of clients come to us with what they think is one problem only to find a host of other causative issues leading to the one problem. We have thus had to develop bold inhouse solutions [such as our ePOS point of sale system] specifically to suit the budgets and need requirements of the Ghana tourism industry. Thus we are and have been in the unique position of being able to manage scarce client resources and still achieve and over achieve expected results.

So what problems or challenges are you facing in your business [as some of our solutions cut across other industries such as our SALES BOT solutions], why not call us today or just drop us an email.

01. Planning & Strategy

Through the development of our own products, facilities we aim to not only prove that our processes work, but develop home grown solutions to service the tourism and hospitality industry.

To get to the root of issues plaguing clients, which in our experience usually fall under the following headings

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Our clients are our number one priority, so when it comes down to satisfaction we do everything possible to put smiles on their faces.

Some Reasons to Work


Here at Senkwa and across our subsidiaries we believe strongly in the power of INNOVATION. We try to look at everyday and unique problems from different angles in order to not only get the best solutions, but multiple solutions. We are thus in the unique position using virtual and real-time environments to test out our theories and formulate practical applications to suit each problem encountered.

Out of this ethos of work we have been able to develop our own ‘home grown and harvested] ePOS software [electronic point of sale software] which we sell for a ridiculously lower price than anything close to it developed in JAVA.

NOTE: we are soon going to launch the free version of the software.

We also on our own love to challenge ourselves to come up with solutions to problems we envisage we will encounter long before we encounter them [forward thinking approach]. That way we are constantly working our brains and keeping our minds sharp.


So, have you got a problem, want a none traditional cost effective solution within budget and on time… SPEAK TO US NOW!

Time And Resource Management

We have evolved ourselves out of a need to grow a business that offers solutions to clients within our industry [sometimes outside depending on the client], without over spending in the process. We are thus a TIME and SCARCE RESOURCE focused company. We operate in real-time [you will hear this often] and within budget.

Unlike competitors we move heaven and earth to deliver quality projects that smash expectations within timeframes specified. When we are subject to external forces we push harder and make sure we compensate for lost time by blowing our clients out of the water.


At the heart of our work ethic and philosophy is QUALITY. If its going to be done, then its going to be done right. We always seek to deliver a quality product, always. Cause the best from of marketing for us, is the works we deliver to our clients.



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What We Do ?

SENKWA operates a centralised system which allows us to fall back on our in-house facilities in order to service clients and work on problems affecting our clients. We feel strongly that in order to bring the best of our abilities to bare on whatever issue be it low revenue figures, poor customer services or just competition from the next door facility, time away from the problem location, allows us to incubate and deliver new fresh perspectives on problems, thus the need to have a base from which to operate.

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