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As a potential Guest House manager in two sentences, how would you describe yourself?

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What do you understand by rack rate?

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If you were starting work at a new hotel tomorrow, what would you do to get up to speed on hotel operations?

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How have you personally increased revenue at your previous workplace?

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Describe a time you introduced a new policy or technology to your staff/operations.

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How did your previous hotel handle staff reports and occupancy reports?

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Describe a time you collaborated with your staff to improve the service of your hotel.

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How would you encourage trust and loyalty in your guests?

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Describe a time you turned a negative situation with a guest into a positive situation.

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Can you describe your method for prioritizing hotel maintenance tasks?

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How would you resolve an issue with an extremely irate guest?

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How would you evaluate employee performance?

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Describe a time you received negative feedback from a staff member. How did you handle it?

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What would you do if there was a double booking for the same room?

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What would you do if there was a double booking for the same room?

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Using the excel table provided please calculate the increase in sales [in February] as a percentage in relation to the sales recorded in January and give some reasons as to why sales in February were higher than January?

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How would you go about developing a customer loyalty card system [please detail out process and what needs to be done]?

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Using the table provided calculate what the monthly breakeven point for operating the hotel in the table will be?


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How would you profile and track the buying expectations of your clientele?

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How do you plan to handle things like bulk check-ins and similar scenarios at the hotel?

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Have you ever been a guest at our hotel? What would you improve?

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List 5 immediate things you would implement to directly increase revenue of the hotel if given the job, apart from changing pricing or making structural changes to the hotel?

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List the various departments in a hotel and what they are responsible for.

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As a trainee manager would you need to spend some nights in the hotel?

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Please expand on your answer in question 24 by giving reasons for your choice of answer?

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