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Warehouse Supervisor Online Test

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Warehouse Supervisor Online Test

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Warehouse Supervisor Test

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Enter your full name

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List 5 functions of a warehouse supervisor

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You will be responsible for driving Standard of Work and ensuring quality processes are implemented to ensure a "Right First Time" product to the customer aligned with their expectation. How will you achieve this?

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How would you ensure and control order picking, goods in, goods out operations to make sure accuracy with minimum handling and stock damage is achieved?

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When evaluating an employee or team member’s performance, what factors are most important to you?

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How would you plan, coordinate and monitor the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods, using an electronic system?

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Describe a delivery tracking systems you would develop in order that delivery status can be seen at a glance by the client and the office?

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We aim to deliver the product to the customer on time, every time using appropriate methods. List 3 of these methods.

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Part of your job will be to identify errors and eliminate root cause using robust countermeasures. List 5 potential errors that could occur in the work place and how you would eliminate the root cause.

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How would you ensure security of Warehouse environment and maintain access control, ensuring good housekeeping standards are maintained at all times?

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How would you monitor stock levels in order to highlight minimum and excess levels and therefore prevent part shortages and be able to call up data results instantly?

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What do you already know about our company?

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Automation plays a huge role in any warehouse, what system will you deploy, how and why?

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Why do you want to work for our warehouse?

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How do you keep your warehouse employees motivated and to stay focused on the company’s objectives?

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How do you handle an employee who constantly underperforms?


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