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WordPress Web Developer Online Test

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WordPress Web Developer Test

WordPress Web Developer Test

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Enter your full name

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What websites have you mastered? Tell us about your experience in website implementation and maintenance.

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What is your experience in the field of web design and web development?

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Do you have any experience in customer communication and instruction?

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Name five(5) Content-based Management Systems (CMS) you know.

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What would you check first if many users complained about the website load speed?

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What web management tools have you used?

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How do you check if links work and how do you fix broken links?

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What is your role in designing a new website?

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What significant feature do customers consider before transacting business on a website.

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Are you familiar with keyword research to improve a page’s rankings? What kinds of tools do you use? (e.g. Keyword Planner and Moz)

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What measures would you take to make our site secure? What guidelines would you give to users to minimize their security risks?

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How would you make Auctionsghana website interface more user-friendly?

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Conducting a check into both, what two (2) changes will you effect to improve on both websites.

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What would you do if you spotted unusual numbers in Web Analytics? (e.g. significant drops in traffic or conversion rates)

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How will you optimize a website for search engines?

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How would you overcome a creative block? Mention five (5)

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Some of your daily/regular projects may be repetitive. How will you stay motivated?

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Do you prefer to multi-task or work on one project at a time? Explain your answer.

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How will you manage tight deadlines?

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Describe a website you recently visited that had a poor design. What did you feel was wrong with it? In your opinion, what features enhance user experience?

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What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your role as a web designer? What was the situation and how did you overcome the obstacles?

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Tell me about a time when your attention to detail helped you quickly identify a website flaw.

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What topic would you like to learn more about in web development and/or design? How would this knowledge help you as a webmaster?

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What do you consider when managing web access rights for different users?

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Name any four (4) localhost servers you would use when creating a website offline

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Name five (5) features you would consider before choosing a hosting package?

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Where can I find current and past examples of your work?

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How do you sell your designs to management or clients? How do you demonstrate the design’s value?

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Explain how you design websites. What information do you look at to determine needs/goals?

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Describe how you will collaborate with team members on a project.

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How would you protect the integrity of the company?

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List five(5) CMS page builders you know. Tell me which page builders you are more comfortable with.

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Name three(3) tools needed in designing a Content-based Management System (CMS).

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Describe the strategies you would employ to push website sales for our company.

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What budget would you need to design an up 7 webpages website for a construction company?

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The average score is 17%


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